Fini Sings & Strings


21:45, Friday, June 21

About the Concert


In this constellation, the group Fini Sings, with Fini Broadbery as the front figure, intends to blend the old American songbook with the sounds of world-class string players. The trio invites a string quartet into their own sound picture to create warmth and a different dynamic in the music. In this interplay between classical string players and jazz musicians, the two expressions are fused together into a greater whole.


I denne konstellation har gruppen Fini Sings med Fini Broadbery som frontfigur i sinde at kaste sig ud i at blande den gamle amerikanske sangbog med en klangseng af strygere i verdensklasse. Trioen inviterer en strygekvartet ind i lydbilledet for at skabe varme og dynamik i musikken. I dette sammenspil mellem klassiske strygere og jazzmusikere smeltes de to udtryk sammen til en større helhed.


Fini Sings & Strings

Fini Broadbery (vocal, keys), Rune Fog-Nielsen (bass), Karl Seyer-Hansen (drums), Michael Germer (violin), Anna Agafia (violin), Michael Grolid (viola), Jonathan Swensen (cello).

What to expect

What to expect: To travel back down to earth again, we will enjoy tales from the American-songbook with warm and romantic jazz songs. All paired with strings, just to keep a bit of the heavenly touch. Expect your soul to be fulfilled after this evening.