Mathias Reumert


Danish percussionist, conductor and producer Mathias Reumert lives and breathes contemporary classical music. As an in-demand soloist, he explores brand new percussive territory while remaining a committed interpreter of yesterday’s masterworks by composers such as Xenakis, Stockhausen, Henze and Donatoni. 

With the acclaimed ensemble Mathias Reumert Group, he explores the borderlands between classical, world and experimental music. As percussionist with Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, he premieres dozens of new works every year. Reumert has composed several works for the stage, e.g. for the renowned Danish Dance Theatre and recently for the Hannover State Opera’s new production of “Snow White”.

Ekkozone/Mathias Reumert Group was formed in 2013 and quickly became a household name at Copenhagen Jazzhouse. The ensemble enjoys a special connection with the music of Steve Reich and has performed Music for 18 Musicians several times, e.g. at Northern Europe’s largest music event, Roskilde Festival.

Mathias Reumert will be the musical leader of Steve Reich: ‘Music for 18 Musicians’.