Matias Vestergård


Matias Vestergård is a Danish composer, who made his debut from the advanced postgraduate programme in march 2022 at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. He’s written music in many genres - solo works, choir and chamber music, orchestral works, a ballet score, and even a chamber opera with a cast of 21.

His music is characterized by clear lyrical intent, refined orchestration and a technical and stylistic flexibility that allows him to work both with amateurs and professionals. Upcoming projects include an album release with Danish label Da Capo, a new full evening opera for Copenhagen Opera Festival, and the premiere of a sinfonietta piece at the Helsinki Opera.


What do you do to get inspired for your compositions? 

Usually, the inspiration comes directly from the instruments I’m writing for - their special properties become part of an inner “mind map” of colors, associations and images, that then drive the composition process.

What is the 'weirdest' thing/phenomenon that has inspired you to compose? 

My piece “COLLAPSE & COLLAPSE” was inspired by a very particular image (almost haiku-like) of dragging yourself to the bathroom to vomit after a crazy night out, only to be struck by the beauty of the full moon in the window.

What would you say makes this piece 'IMMACULATE HEART' different from your other compositions?

It’s the first time I’m working on a piece in collaboration with a visual artist (Mathias Malling Mortensen) and certainly the strangest combination of instruments I’ve worked with so far! 

What is the greatest thing about being a composer?

Exploring sounds over time, coming up with beautiful ways of notating your ideas, working with dedicated musicians, and not having to deal with stage fright!

What is your favourite piece of music that will be performed at this years' festival? (Besides your own)

Definitely the Debussy cello sonata! I don’t think there exists a piece that explores so many ideas in such a short time, and still does justice to all of them. I also very often end up writing pieces with exactly the same length as it. For me, it is just a perfect piece of music!